Flexible and Customer Oriented production

Close cooperation and long-term relations

The Östberg Group develop and manufacture products in four key areas: Air handling units, Fans, Rotary heat exchangers and Central vacuum stations (CVS). We consider it of particular importance to create truly world-class products with the lowest possible energy consumption and sound levels. Consistent customer focus and great flexibility play key roles in Östberg´s business concept. We often work closely with our key customers to determine detailed product needs followed by joint development work and efficient production in one of our plants in Sweden, China or India.

Quality and Environment: ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

All Östberg products are CE-labeled for EU, EFTA and EEA markets, and we place great emphasis on making them simple to install and use. We uphold the highest standards for production, with secure quality controls monitoring each product throughout the entire manufacturing process. Östberg is certified according to the quality and environment standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Other certificates and memberships include Eurovent, Passive House, ATEX, UL, AHRI and Sunda Hus.

By choosing an Östberg product you invest in long-lasting quality products powered by innovation.



Air Handling Units with low energy consumption and high operating reliability

Our air-handling units contribute to healthy air in all types of indoor environments; from homes, offices and production plants to large public buildings and facilities. All Östberg manufactured units meet the requirements of the EU’s ErP Directive. Our business is based on customer focus and flexibility, with excellent opportunities for customized solutions. We have long-term collaborations with our suppliers to develop the best technical solutions.

Meet our HERU® family. Our range of energy recovery units includes products for all types of homes, schools, offices and indoor pools

A healthy indoor environment with maximum comfort and minimal energy consumption is achieved through controlled ventilation and energy recovery. HERU® from Östberg supplies the building with fresh (hot or cold) filtered and clean air. HERU® recycles 84% of the used indoor heat (or cooled air) from the exhaust air.

Through its award-winning design, HERU® meets the demands of high efficiency, low power consumption, quiet operation and high reliability.

Östberg is certified according to the quality and environment standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Östberg´s versatile fans are installed world-wide

Östberg fans are used in every part of the world, for example for supply and/or exhaust air, for heat recovery and for the secure transport of explosive gases. Our fans are available with AC or EC motors, which are external rotor motors with maintenance-free double-sealed ball bearings and a galvanized steel casing. All Östberg fans are extremely high-performance and high quality. Nearly every fan in our range has a swing-out design, making them easy to service and clean.

Every Östberg fan meets the requirements of the EU’s ErP Directive. Östberg is certified according to the quality and environment standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Östberg – one of the largest manufacturers of Energy Recovery Rotors

Over 500,000 units of energy recover rotors has been delivered by Östberg in the past 10 years to customers in more than 80 countries – premium customers within air conditioning, commercial and residential building, industrial, cruise line industry etc. 

Innovation is top driver and key strength of Östberg rotary heat exchanger products. Our product range covers for instance extensive type of casing, foil and coating, sectorized options etc. Östberg rotors offer leading coating technology that provides maximum humidity transfer performance, with proven quality in harsh working environments running for decades.

Östberg is certified according to the quality and environment standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Rotary Heat Exchangers are currently not sold on the EU/European Markets
For inquiries related to the Asian Markets & Global Marine Segment, please contact Östberg China
For inquiries related to the Indian & Middle East markets, please contact Östberg India


Premium Central Vacuum Stations

Östberg delivers central vacuum stations on the Norwegian market with products both for residential properties and commercial facilities.

Learn more about our central vacuum stations by visiting