Vision, innovation and revolution

At Östberg, we strive to continually develop and improve our products. Our innovative power is the driving force and we work to consistently maintain the very best quality on the market. Östberg has its roots deep in Swedish engineering, where innovation and entrepreneurship have flourished for centuries.

The visionary

In the early 1970s, radial fans were expensive, noisy, and took up a lot of room. Engineer Hans Östberg, our company founder, envisioned a fan that was effective, easy to install, and required a minimum amount of space. He pursued this vision and the result was the world´s first circular
 duct fan with 
straight through air flow
 and external rotor motor – an innovation that is now a worldwide standard.

New generation of fans

Just a few years later came the next revolutionary discovery: the rectangular duct fan. This fan had an even lower installation height and a higher capacity. Over the years that followed, Hans Östberg continued to develop new generations of duct fans with higher capacities, lower noise levels, better quality and lower prices.

Multi-million dollar business

Östberg in-house fan production started in 1981 and in less than 15 years, the business grew from a small workshop to a multi-million dollar company. 

Östberg Group today: Changing landscapes

In the year 2000 the company broadened the product line to include complete ventilation solutions and thus Östberg developed from a fan company into a ventilation company. In 2004 production and sales were started in China and shortly thereafter, in 2005, Östberg entered into a period of strong expansion, widening the product range and launching into new geographical sales markets. This was also achieved through company acquisitions, including the purchase of Enventus. In 2014 Östberg started production in a third country: India. Some of the largest orders in Östberg company history came in 2018 through major rotor sales in the Middle East. 

Increased focus on key markets

In 2019 the Östberg Group has entered into a new phase of consolidation and a thoughtfully analyzed focus on key customers and certain and more well-defined geographical markets. As a result Östberg is opting out of some less interesting markets in order to efficiently keep growing in for example the Nordic and the Indian markets. At the same time we are making large investments to further develop our various solutions for residential properties as well as smaller public and private installations.


1970´s – Design of the first CK Fan

First to design circular duct fans with straight-through airflow, radial fan and external rotor motor.

2000 – HERU Air Handling Units

Introducing HERU Air Handling Units, awarded 1:a price, Swedish Energy Authority´s competition for residential Air Handling Units.

2004 – Sales & production in China

Establishing Sales & Production in Chennai to service the Asian Markets.

2005 – Acquisition of Eventus

Acquiring global Rotor manufacturer Enventus, adding Rotary Heat Exchangers to the Product Portfolio.

2014 – Sales & production in India

Establishing Sales & Production in Shanghai to service the Indian & Middle East Markets.

2018 – Major Rotor sales in Middle East

Setting up large scale sales of Rotary Heat Exchangers in the Middle East through exclusive partners.

2019 – Changing landscapes

Consolidating business, increased focus 
on our core strengths, main markets & business segments

Business Phases

The Fan Company

The Ventilation Company

Geographic & Product Offer Expansion

Consolidation & Focus